Grant Kruger (thirdworld) wrote,

30-in-30, part 7

I went down to the bar for beers and darts with the boys. They denied me entry. Said I'd been kicked out of the boys club because I'd been writing poetry. It's true. I hang my head in shame. This is the poem that led to my disgrace. It's still a work in progress, but I'm done for now (thank you karindira for the help and feedback):

Her Smile

She has a smile,
Not like Mona Lisa's,
Not an untouchable enigma,
Mere mystery for contemplation.

She broadcasts her smile,
Bold, like light in darkness,
Sunlight's phoenix after rain,
Eureka dawning on Archimedes.

Her smile is inescapable,
Art that snares your eye,
Lighthouse to homesick sailor,
A sun around which to orbit.

Her smile has accomplices,
Head tilt and nibbled lip,
Eyes shine with mischief,
Laughing without laughter.

Her smile cuts to my chase,
Illuminates my darkest memories,
Bleaches, dilutes and demotes them,
Leaving me, a laughing boy, smiling back.
Tags: 30in30, poetry, t, writing
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