Grant Kruger (thirdworld) wrote,
Grant Kruger

Fancy hotels

You have to love... and hate... fancy hotels. You have to love comfy beds, pretty décor, nice showers, nice views etc. They create a space that is comfortable, quiet and enjoyable. But then there are all the little scams, like $9.95 a day for internet connection, and $1.50 to dial a phone call that usually is free, like a local call or a 1-800 number. And breakfasts that charge more for a single egg that it costs to buy a dozen eggs. Yet, just down the road I'll be able to find a decent hotel, at less than half the price that also has free wifi and local calls, and maybe a free breakfast. On the food, well this place will likely be much nicer, but for the rest, well, they can't really justify it, just as the convention center can't justify $14.95 a day for wifi, but they have their captive audiences, heavy in business travelers with expense accounts, so they get away with it. But you have to hate them for it.

They are usually also horribly overpriced, but Worldcon's negotiate great rates and we usually save $70-$120 per night to offset that. agrathea and I are in the hotel right on the convention center too, so from a convenience standpoint you just can't beat it.... but they still piss me off with their little scams.
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