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The Autopsies of Famous Artists

I find these to be creepy cool, part of a fascinating advertising campaign for the MASP Art School in São Paulo, Brazil. It shows the organs of Dali, Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso painted in their own style. I'm sure they are intended as a visual metaphor, but the results are unique either way.


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Silly - Dirty Face


Nerds rock. Once some math geek realized that Google was turning equations that you searched on into graphs... well they had to come up with a graph for a favorite geek superhero. If you do a Google search on this equation:

y=2 sqrt(-abs(abs(x)-1)*abs(3-abs(x))/((abs(x)-1)*(3-abs(x))))(1+abs(abs(x)-3)/(abs(x)-3))sqrt(1-(x/7)^2)+(5+0.97(abs(x-.5)+abs(x+.5))-3(abs(x-.75)+abs(x+.75)))(1+abs(1-abs(x))/(1-abs(x))),-3sqrt(1-(x/7)^2)sqrt(abs(abs(x)-4)/(abs(x)-4)),abs(x/2)-0.0913722(x^2)-3+sqrt(1-(abs(abs(x)-2)-1)^2),(2.71052+(1.5-.5abs(x))-1.35526sqrt(4-(abs(x)-1)^2))sqrt(abs(abs(x)-1)/(abs(x)-1))+0.9

You get this.

Pretty damned awesome!
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This is sensational. I kinda collect dance videos... and somehow I missed this incredible one of Marquese "Nonstop" Scott... until now. People, I implore you... watch this and be amazed. It starts slow, but then gets awesome. And the slow bit in the middle is actually a setup to a great climax. Incredible stuff.
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Wow. My friend Karissa posted this image. Provocative, evocative, captivating, disturbing. Is this the face of an innocent who cannot comprehend how catastrophic this is to some family's life? Or is this the face of the child who set the fire?

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Silly - Dirty Face

The PC of 2019

Just read a cool article on the ways we might make use of personal computers in the future. The article is solid and the video is well worth watching, just to get you thinking, though if you're like me you can see several ways that they could take ideas further and flaws galore with the projection idea. Much of it gets back to the old eyepiece idea. Still, well worth a watch. Cool stuff. I'm linking to their TED presentation which is clearer.
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Crazy Portland Art

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Portland is an odd town full of odd artistry and funky street art. This morning I missed my bus and came in by Max, and I'd likely have missed this had I not. It's the word, "Lies" that caught my attention.

At first glance it looks like someone pounded a parking meter to death, but closer examination shows that it is actually a destroyed small TV that has been draped over the parking meter. Urban art? A protest maybe? Perhaphs it's a statement about how TV is not life but is what drains life from us. Maybe it's protesting our mayor lying about a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old? Maybe it's protesting the local media who immediately called for his resignation, but who never called for Bill Clinton's, even though Clinton was a repeat offender and was married. It could be a combination of these or a general statement about the media. Or maybe it's just street art designed to make us think.

I don't know, but it is super cool, in a small way.
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Scrabble Keyboard

This is cool, a scrabble keyboard for your computer.

More pictures here. They also make a variety of other keyboards, like some steampunky variations and a couple of industrial ones. Check them out here. A pretty good option for that once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable gift for that special someone. Existing customers include Cory Doctorow. Prices range from $1200 to $1500.
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Super-Awesome (but pricey) Geek gift

How about a hand-held phaser-like device that the user can user to point and shoot at constellations/planets/stars/etc, and have it tell them what they are looking at. It has a database of over 30,000 celestial objects (planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies & more) and provides audio. Sadly it's pricey at $299.99, but still an awesome gift for the enthusiast. It's up at ThinkGeek of course, and you can find out more here.

Here's part of their blurb:

Twinkle, twinkle, little star. I finally figured out what you are.
Only once in a blue moon* throughout the history of consumer tech comes a product so nifty you are convinced it cannot be real. Then you quickly glance over to your calendar and realize it's not April 1st. "Damn!" you think to yourself, while reaching for your wallet and mumbling under your breath "Curse you ThinkGeek, curse you!" Packed with the latest in gadgetry including built-in GPS, LCD screen, magnetic north sensors, electronic accelerometers, & complex circuitry,the MySky is far from vaporwear. It's a hi-tech virtual tour guide to your starry skies. Point, shoot, get smarter.