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My favorite April Fools' Gags so Far

Ah yes, April Fools day. As long as it's not mean I find I can enjoy much of it. Here are some of my favorites for today, and please comment if I missed your favorite:

The BBC reported that a bomb blew up part of a statue of Lenin in Leningrad... so that it looks like he had a truly explosive fart. BEst image of the day.

ThinkGeek are selling a Unicorn Chaser - a drink shot specially formulated to cleanse your mind and soul, ostensibly after seeing some gross image/video on the web that, "makes your eyes bleed." They even have a promo video.

The UK Guardian plan to switch all of their news stories to Twitter, because, "Experts say any story can be told in 140 characters." Worth it just to read some of their historic examples at the end of the article.

Google always rock April Fools. On Gmail they have a new tool called Autopilot to help you manage your email. It will do things like answer spam, manage your relationships and mimic your style. Super funny. On the main Google page they have CADIE (Google Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity), the world's first "artificial intelligence" tasked-array system. The homepage created by CADIE is sheer genius and well worth a look by all designers, and those who think they can do what designers do.

Expedia have a 24-hour sale selling $99 tickets... to Mars (Save over $3 Trillion! Red hot fares to the red hot planet.). Pretty excellent with lots of great humour.

If you're The Onion, where it's April Fools Day every day, then what do you do? Well, you step it up a notch!

For software/web geeks, Lullabot came up with the perfect CMS, simple enough for anyone to use.

For math geeks who want real math and not yet another joke, A site called Scrivener's Error points out that today is 01/04/09, which is "One four nine. The squares of the first three integers." They go on to proclaim today, Monolith Day.
Silly - Dirty Face

DIY iPhone Airplane Holder

Bwahahahaha. You have to love innovation! Here's a little tutorial (if you can't guess it just to look at the photo) on how to turn an airplane barf-bag into an iphone holder, so that you can watch a movie without having to hold your iPhone the whole time, or keep the tray-table down and have it propped up. I'm sure the method would work with other small media devices as well.
Silly - Dirty Face

World's Greatest City?

It took 90 minutes for Daily News to 'steal' the Empire State Building. No really. Well, kinda. The short version is the city does not verify information, so it is easy to have a property deed reassigned to you. Then you take your fraudulent deed and get a bank to give you a mortgage, and then you disappear with your ill-gotten gains. Here's a snippet:
In one of the biggest heists in American history, the Daily News "stole" the $2 billion Empire State Building.

And it wasn't that hard.

The News swiped the 102-story Art Deco skyscraper by drawing up a batch of bogus documents, making a fake notary stamp and filing paperwork with the city to transfer the deed to the property.

Some of the information was laughable: Original "King Kong" star Fay Wray is listed as a witness and the notary shared a name with bank robber Willie Sutton.

The massive ripoff illustrates a gaping loophole in the city's system for recording deeds, mortgages and other transactions. The loophole: The system - run by the office of the city register - doesn't require clerks to verify the information.

Less than 90 minutes after the bogus documents were submitted on Monday, the agency rubber-stamped the transfer from Empire State Land Associates to Nelots Properties LLC. Nelots is "stolen" spelled backward. (The News returned the property Tuesday.)

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Sometimes I hang on to really cool links because I want to post them to LJ and then I don't get the chance to post them and they just pile up. So here's a post with some of those:

The UK opened up the design for their new coins to a public competition. The winner was a young designer and the results are gorgeous, and clever too. Thanks to someone on the smofs list.

We humans think we are the only animal with smarts, but this video clip of an elephant painting a picture of an elephant should rock your world. Elephants are incredible animals who show great intelligence and even mourn their dead, but this is another level entirely. This link from debgeisler.

Who is the biggest dick of all? Pat Robertson? David Beckham? Santa Claus? Well there is a new service much like Wikipedia called, um, Dickipedia that might shed some light on this. This one from a coworker.

Tired of all that junk mail in your mail box? Well this site will tell you how you can use those pre-paid addresses envelopes to send them a brick, or something else heavy, at their expense. Some have apparently mailed underwear. They also have software for those of us with web pages which feeds web spiders an endless list of fake email addresses.
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Fun and inspiration for my friends

Read my whole f-list on the bus... a stroke of genius to load the entries while I had net access, but not so smart when I wanted to reply ;). A couple of you are having a rough time. Figured I'd try and cheer you up and/or inspire you. First, what you get when over 200 people freeze in place in NY's Grand Central - pretty damned rocking awesome.

That one with thanks to xsagirl.

There are some lovely images here purported to be "Best pictures on the internet 2007 Awards." Well, maybe not, but a good collection anyway. With thanks to a colleague..

Some of the best web advertising ever! Really imaginative and entertaining (has sound). With thanks to sfrose.

And for "the original Star Wars" fans, and those who love Obie Kanobie, here's Star Wars according to a 3-year-old. Watch that and then watch the version with clips from the movie. Too damned adorable to be legal. That one with thanks to my boss.

debgeisler want's us to watch this excellent video with the original Star Trek cast poignantly illustrating Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit, but kalimac counters with Star Trek Meets Monty Python.

Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed sex education with Bollywood, with a little teletubby on the side? Well then this Telugu (India) educational video as a Bollywood musical number with colourful tubby-like condoms prancing about is must-see-TV (but pretty much NSFW). Thanks to bovil for this happy insanity.

lsanderson is chuckling about Sarah Silverman f*cking Matt Damon, and Jimmy Kimmel's retaliation (with more stars chipping in on the joke than I thought possible). Pretty outstanding two-day joke set.

Then there's the Shakespearian insulter, most verily befitting thine unrestrained uppittiness! Thanks to ogre_san, verily.

And to those of you having a rough time, I still wish I could bottle the happy from Richard Simmons on, "Whose Line is it Anyway?" and send it to you. Or if you prefer something shorter, the banned (but hysterical) Bill Clinton voodoo doll advert.

Here's hoping things look up for all of you.
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Business 2.0 Magazine’s list of the 101 Dumbest Moments in Business makes for interesting reading. Number 4 is a possible favorite, though number 1 is pretty damned awesome too. 7 and 9 are terrifying. Actually there are an amazing collection of gaffes here, well worth reading most of them. Wal-Mart rule this list. Their racist "civil rights leader" (15) is astounding.

Tell me again why the corporate elite deserve those outrageous pay packages?

Thanks to xsagirl for the link.